My First Love
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Odoo • Văn bản và hình ảnh

The first love in the high school

For so many years I had a crush on a little girl who was studying in the lower class. After 3 months I confessed my love to her but she didn't feel it because she wanted to focus on studying. I love her ,I sympathize and I'll never criticize all she has ever meant to my life.
After that I knew she had a crush on another boy. I am really sad and upset. Everything around me is black, I found a little fun with wine and music.
I thought that when I drunk, I could forget her but I was wrong. I can not stop my mind thinking about her. At that time, I only could confide to my guitar.
I still followed her, still tried to help her. I could see the pain living in her eyes and I know how hard she tried. I thought that only see her happy, I could do anything even It makes me cry.
After a long time she fall in love with me because she feel my love is true. It was a long story after that but I want to stop here because this time is the most wonderful. It always is a romantic memory that follow me to the end of my life.